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Cognita Cymru

Cognita.Cymru is a digital platform for lesson observations, whole school book reviews and school reviews. It is designed to be customizable for individual schools giving you that personal touch. The site will facilitate and streamline the writing and collation of teaching administration systems in your school and help redefine what you do with the information. The concept of this website is twofold 1) Simplify the writing and collection of observations, book reviews and whole school reviews 2) Improve analysis of observations, book reviews and whole school reviews Information is collected and stored digitally. The analysis can be broken down via individual teachers, year groups, subjects and academic years, enabling the school to have a rounded view of its strengths and weaknesses. Data Collection Process Every Teacher will have their own personal log in details with different levels of data access and privacy settings. Information collected is instantly stored and passed along the correct chain of command, with the site having 5 user level settings (headteacher, line manager, head of department, teacher and governor). Forms are stored centrally on the website but can be downloaded as individual PDFs for your records. All data on the site is backed up daily. Data Analysis The site can collect both qualitative and quantitative data. The information gathered can be broken down to focus on a teacher, subject or year group. As a result, data on areas of school interest or research can be collated efficiently and without the need to trawl through reams of paper documents. Specific academic years can be selected to simplify comparisons and analysis between different academic year groups. One click of a button will give an instant overview of a lesson observation, book scrutiny, subject or year group. The site will also generate an instant report on whole school strengths and weakness with a single click.